Into the Neutral Zone – Our Story So Far

There are three subplots for this solo campaign that the referee can use to hang smaller plots on (that might crop up in play).

  1. A high ranking officer has fled to the Neutral Zone and established a criminal organization, based on the loyalties of more junior ranks who have fled here also.
  2. Expedition to Zhodane. Reverse it. Professor Ricket is suspected by the Office of Naval Intelligence of being brainwashed by the Zhodani, as a spy, so when he returns to Extolay for supplies, they arrest him, and his teenaged daughter jumps away in Rock, to be found in a distant asteroid belt orbiting Tremous Dex, as a plot point by the referee later in the game.
  3. Arden is a matriarchy of noble women, with extreme laws and hunger for interstellar recognition. The Arden Matriarchy is composed of tough interstellar merchant princesses, all eager to outdo each other, and play the Zhodani against the Imperium, and each Neutral planet against its neighbour. Suggestions that desperate Arden merchant-women have stepped over the line into opportunistic piracy, are denied by the government...

The Smart Guy

Gei Jungpo Yetahikh

Gei Jungpo Yetahik