Into the Neutral Zone – A Solo Adventure for D20 Traveller

Personal Log: Commander Jenna Blackwood, Imperial Navy (Ret)

Wonday, 134 991 IC

The Imperial Resorts Hotel at the star port on Ruie does not live up to its name. It's a business hotel, not a resort, and Ruie is outside of the Imperium. Not far outside, but far enough. And that was a business decision as far as I can tell as well. The air here is filthy. So bad that I've been wearing a filter every time I leave a building. Partly its the fungal spores, but mostly its the industrial pollution. They've dragged them selves up from TL-2 to TL-6 in a couple of centuries, mostly by burning fossil fuels for energy, and if they were under Imperial control, there would be air quality laws they would have to obey. But they aren't, and the don't.

Also the trip's been a bust for me personally. Which makes me pissed that I wasted the creds shipping out here. I have a second cousin who runs a shipping business based in the Canaday Republican Union, and he wired me that he could use an ex-Navy field grade officer in charge of his fleet. I need a job since our entire squadron was just disbanded by Lord Norbert, the current Duke of Regina, in response to the flak he received over the Battle of Porozio, so I agreed to interview for the position.

First thing he asks me is whether I am willing to turn a blind eye to smuggling across Imperial borders. Dick wad! I'm an Imperial Navy officer. I may have lost my job, but I still have my rank and my oath still holds. I popped him one in the eye for even asking, and that was a mistake. He denied by expense claim for the travel from Regina, and now I'm stuck, wondering where in the Deep I'm going to come up with enough credits to get back home.

Our Hero

Commander Jenna Blackwood

Lt. Commander Jenna Blackwood