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Camilla DuBois

Mlle. Camilla DuBois

Age: 21

Father: M. Pierre DuBois, Shipping Magnate, age 49

Mother: Anna Marie DuBois (nee Moreau), age 45

Brother: Gabriel, age 19

Colonel Tobias Smollet

"He's a Yankee, recently widowed, and wealthy. He has no land to speak of in Louisiana and I know that he would like to put down real roots in our community. These are factors in the plus side of the column. On the negative side, he is ostracized from our society because he is a Yankee, and he is quite . . . ugly. "

Mister Jonathan de l'Arete

"A bachelor, heir to a considerable fortune – mostly cotton fields north of here. He is a younger man, not yet fifty, and may not come into his full inheritance for some years, but his credit is good and he would fit the bill. He has, however a reputation of being a mountebank and quite viscous towards his field hands. I have also heard , only once or twice, mind you, that he may lean more towards . . . men than women"

The Reverend Beauregard Herringtoe

"An Episcopalian churchman. A bishop here in New Orleans. He is in his sixties and has recently inherited a considerable fortune from his uncle. He has purchased a fine old plantation upriver and is setting himself up as a landed gentleman in his old age. He needs a wife to manage his social life and introduction into real society. His church allows marriage, unlike the Catholic faith, though to all accounts he has been perfectly happy as a celibate cleric all his life and is not much in the way of a ladies man."

Mister Peter Danforth

"'Uncle' Peter. He has been your father's boon companion for man years and they have shared joint business ventures in the past. He is an old family friend, has dandled both of you on his knee when you were tiny children. I would not have even considered him, but he happened to mention the idea some weeks ago. I do not know how he knew you father's business was in such straits, but he did. And he spoke to me quite bluntly that he would see things settled for Gabriel and me if you were to be his bride."